It’s a Pleasure

To Meet Us

Our fun-loving family plays when working and works hard at playing. Our business, Playful Ventures, is an incubator of entertainment-focused ventures and consultant to experience-based businesses. Welcome to our blog about a playful approach to work and life.


Dustin Smith is the father of four awesome kids aged 6 to 14 – Tink, Ender, Twinkle, and Bean (obviously their real names). He lives in Arizona and loves vacationing at the beach and Disneyland, watching animated movies with the kids, making funny voices while reading picture books, and adoring his wife. His company, Playful Ventures, provides consulting services to entertainment companies in attraction design, innovation, and management and is in the process of launching some exciting family entertainment projects.


Kylee Smith is the mom of the same four amazing kids. Her greatest priority in life is playing mom, which she considers the best role on earth. She enjoys sewing with Tink, playing the ukulele with Ender, crafting with Twinkle, and doing puzzles with Bean. She loves ideating, creating, and working with her husband, who brings both sanity and excitement to her life. Though she adores her children, date night is still her favorite night of the week. She is also a design and innovation consultant for Playful Ventures.