Flooring. Roofing. Paint. January started bringing the finishing touches to Sunbeam Ranch!

Here’s a quick montage of footage captured during January.

We wanted a galvanized metal roof to get the right blend of farm and industrial look. It reflective property also performs well under the sun. Metal roofs are extremely lightweight and durable. We look forward to having a beautiful roof for decades to come.

The roofer fabricated the panels on the construction site. This reduces transportation costs and ensures that panels are fabricated to the exact specifications. Unfortunately, the machine was kinking the metal, so we had to wait a couple of weeks for a machine specialist to calibrate it again. Once things got rolling, though, the installation was incredibly fast.

To add some vintage look, we found these cool pieces to use as sinks. One is an old washing machine tub, which we used in the guest bathroom. The other is an antique double-tub sink, which we used in the laundry room.

We cut new drain holes in the sinks and installed new drain hardware. We also clear coated the sinks to lock in the rustic look without allowing them to deteriorate.

Upstairs, we used a vinyl plank floor in all of the rooms. We typically wouldn’t use this material, but we selected it for a few practical reasons.

First, it’s waterproof. The kids’ bathrooms are inside of their bedrooms. We didn’t want a flooring transition in their rooms, so we needed something that would would work next to the sink and shower but was warmer feeling than tile.

Second, we wanted different flooring in the boys room, the girls room, and the other areas upstairs. The vinyl planks allowed for smooth transitions between rooms.

Third, we wanted something super durable but easily replaceable in the future.

Nucore vinyl flooring from Floor & Decor did the trick. The kids picked a style that suited their rooms’ motifs. A bonus feature is that the flooring has a bottom layer of cork, so no extra products were needed between the subfloor and the planks. We’ve been very happy with the product.

Here are a few pics of the polished concrete flooring once it was finished.

In this pic I’m sanding the floor of the girls’ loft. We decided to leave the subfloor exposed so they could explore their artistic sides and paint the floor however they please.

Dumpster diving was a common occurrence during construction. Sometimes we caught the kids playing in the dumpsters. But usually, we were sifting through the trash to find materials that could be useful in building planters and other unique features.

Here’s our favorite lawn ornament.

Counter color selection was one of our toughest design decisions. We’ve been disappointed with counters in some of our previous kitchens. We went with a quartz counter (we love quartz) in linen color and very little variation.

This closet, which is in the loft space right at the top of the stairs, wasn’t in the original plans. We had planned to have a closet in the laundry room, right on the other side of this wall. However, we needed more room than expected for our ductwork on that side, which eliminated the laundry closet. We had already ordered the door for that closet, though, and we couldn’t let it go to waste. We decided there was enough room for a little board game closet right here. The day before the painters showed up, I quickly built these shelves.

Our kiddos love campfires.

My brother, our architect, intended for the vaulted ceiling in the family room to be left natural. We weren’t sure whether we’d like that, and we left ourselves open to the notion that we might paint the ceiling. But once it was built, we completely agreed with the original design intent. We applied a clear coating to the ceiling, and we love the look.

The use of perforated metal on part of the garage served two purposes. First, it provides a visual break in an otherwise uniform looking structure. Second, it allows the garage to breathe and release heat during the summer. I love the look!

Here I am putting the final coat of paint on our reclaimed barn lights.

Paint made such a difference on the look of the house.

I felt like our last house was always too dark. In addition to building a ton of natural light (cleverly positioned to reduce heat gain), we painted the house bright white – technically whisper white. On top of the 90/10 or better drywall finish, the look is clean, fresh, and modern.

This is the pantry after being painted.

Here are a couple of paint swatches for the boys’ room. They wanted a sports-themed room, so we drew inspiration from some of Nike’s store designs. We’re testing orange and grey here. Grey won.

We planned on the guest bathroom walls being drywall. However, once we put the sink in place, we realized that the scale of the room looked odd. We decided to put some stained shiplap on one wall, which helped to visually anchor the toilet and sink. Here are shots of Kylee staining the wood and the shiplap being installed.

We found these sewing table bases while visiting family in Arkansas last summer. We’re building a sewing table in the laundry room and using these as the base.

We added a farmhouse touch to the kitchen island. Here Ignacio is building a wood “x.” I’ll show finished pics in the February update!

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