The most playful element of our house project is currently in a thousand pieces and I’m worried we’ll never get it put back together.

When I was at Fun Brands, the Gilbert franchisee texted me to say that his landlord was trying to get rid of a soft contained play unit (industry jargon for those indoor playground thingies for little kids). The franchisee couldn’t use it, and he wanted to know whether we could. We couldn’t use it in any of our locations, but I didn’t want to let the opportunity slip by! I contacted the landlord and told him we’d take it for personal use. Then I called my wife and told her we had a project.

After two solid Saturdays of work and the help of a bunch of family members, we had disassembled the unit and transported it to the shipping container sitting on our property. It wasn’t until much later that we decided we’d try to squeeze part of it into the design of the house. And now we’re completely intimidated by the prospect of piecing that thing back together! Luckily we got the original plans from the manufacturer. We’ll start attempting to assemble it in the next couple of weeks. Wish us luck!

Dustin Smith

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