In July of 2016, after we had discussed requirements and reviewed hundreds of photos with my brother/architect, the architecture team delivered four sets of schematics. From there, we picked our favorite elements from each to begin refining a final design. Each of the proposed designs was pretty unique, so I thought you may be interested in seeing them.

First, after sifting through all the web had to offer, the following were the primary images offering inspiration for our house project:

And now for the schematics, accompanied by notes from the architect.

Farm House

“Service module with garage, mud room, mechanical and bathroom; Living modular with pantry, kitchen, living; and Bedroom module.  The concept here is to have the house frame the outdoor experience.  The bedroom volume would be 2 levels and the living volume would be 1.5 to give height differentiation.  We found a near close precedent built in Dallas and there are a few images I included to illustrate what we are thinking. We mirrored the plan in our case because of how the house sits on the site.  I mirrored the photographs in photoshop to show how it would look generally for your house.”

Barn House

“This is a single contained volume with everything in it.  You can see that the SF is efficient.  The concept is the put the living space to the south and the bedrooms to the north for light and reducing heat gain.  This would have a singular “barn” image to the house and likely be detailed a bit more streamlined and modern.  The entire house is 2 levels with a double height space over the south space.”

Linear House

“This is a single long bar similar to what Talbot had drawn up previously.  The entire house is 2 levels again.  The bedrooms sit to the east of the living area.  Also good light and not as much heat gain to the east.”

T House

“This does similar things as the linear house but breaks up the living space a bit with a kitchen that is not as grandiose.  the double height space runs north south in this case as opposed to east west in all the other iterations.  The upstairs in this case has a bridge across the living space.  Laundry and den on the east and kids bedrooms on the west.  Not ideal for solar gain, but can work.  I thought you might like the idea of a bridge across the house.”

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